Monday, 26 April 2010

handmade necklace

i'm so proud.
i made a necklace without any assistance and it worked!
i was certain i wouldn't be able to open and close the jump rings without snapping them or them just generally flying off in random directions but i did it just fine!

i'm thinking of getting an etsy for a while to hopefully get more people to see my stuff so i'm making some new things to go over there.
this amazing necklace will probably be one of the new things.
i also ordered some shrink plastic yesterday so we'll see what i can do with that.
i love doing art, it makes me so excited!

also i had that plum juice from chinatown yesterday.
it isn't in anyway plum juice.
it's like smoke in liquid form in a box.
i couldn't drink it and neither could will.
how odd to think how different tastes are in different places. you could buy massive bottles of it so people obviously like it.
i wonder if when the people that like it go past a bonfire they think mmmm, that's like plum juice?


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