Tuesday, 20 April 2010


a couple of my recent 365 pictures.

yesterday i went into welwyn to look for job vacancies. but unless i want to work full time, can repair bicycles or only want 6 hours a week (which would be nice, give me time to concentrate on art, but wouldn't give me rent) there is nothing at the moment. i'll just have to keep looking.
i also looked at jewllery making bits. i've had an urge to make some necklaces for a while now, i think i'm going to try it after pay day, see how it turns out. i also really want to play with shrink plastic, i've never used it before but looks exactly like something that would make me squeel with excitement.
there are so many things i want to try, i hope i have enough money to try a few of them and i hope i get the week of holiday i've requested at work so that i can concentrate on trying them and getting a load of other stuff i've wanted to do done aswell. it would be amazing to have a whole week to dedicate to art, i can't wait till it's my full time job.
creating things makes me so happy, i can't understand why everyone doesn't do it.


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