Saturday, 24 April 2010

london town

and this is friday.
we got an earlier than normal for us train into kings cross for a day of exploring.
we got the tube to liverpool street and had a wander round spitalfields and the area round it.

i don't know what this flower is but i'm amazed by how frilly it is.
can you see will?

next time we go i'm going to see just how good the scotch eggs are and sit on this awesome chair but it was lunchtime and there were lots of business types about and inside the shop was far too crowded for our liking.

then we got the tube to leicester square and walked round to chinatown and had pork buns for lunch. we were far too excited about getting pork buns again but it was definately worth it.
then we went in one of the chinese supermarkets and i got some treats.

strawberry puffs, which by the way, are so tasty.

and a box of plum juice which i haven't drunk yet but i'm looking forward to.
(obviously those photos weren't taken in london)

then we had a sit down with a cup of tea in trafalgar square and made friends with a pigeon.
but a bigger pigeon kept scaring him away. he always came back though.

we both look like we're posing loads here but really we're not.

when we arrived this guy was spiderman. after a while he revealed his true identity by taking his mask off and he left. we figured he was done for the day. a few minutes later he comes back as radioactive man!
because of the sun i guess, the square was full of bad street performers. this guy just stood there squeaking and he had a stuffed horse. the man to the left in the white shirt was shouting nonsense that varied from hitler to dehydration to buses to politics then he threw his keys in the air to make some sort of point. but i don't he was a street performer i think he was either drunk or having a mental breakdown. there was a knight that was one of those stands still until you give them money types and he was pretty good. then there was some scary 'irish dancer' man that was actually just hopping around a little bit.
after a while it all got a bit much so we left.

we went to cass arts round the corner then figured we should walk to big ben because we could see it.
on the way we saw some horses that might bite or kick you.
they were pretty.

we got to big ben and then walked along the river to the tate modern which we looked in for a bit but after seeing something called 'home' that was just kitchen utensils that lit up we left.

we walked from there to tottenham court road. i've stopped taking photos by now because office people are about and they are stressy and take up lots of space bumping into you. we went to paperchase so i could get some foam board then we made a very worrying tube journey to euston and a very worrying walk to kings cross and a quite worrying train journey home. worrying because a sheet of A1 foam board would be very easy for a more concerned about themselves london person to break. but the being very careful worked and it got home fine. then we went and sat in the red lions garden and had burgers for dinner, came home and drank tea.

a very fine day indeed.


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