Thursday, 22 April 2010

phone pictures

yesterday we went to the galleria so i could get some coloured card and while in the paper shop we found some cheap stamps. so we got 3 different alphabets. well they're the same alphabet but different fonts. they had to be assembled which is why they're a bit wonky because i'm obviously not so good at lining things up but i think it adds to the charm of it.

this is possibly the most english i've ever been. buying nothing but tea and scones. awesome. two of my favourite things.

i've decided to take more photos of myself in an attempt to stop annoying will. i am stupidly unphotogenic. i always look like a fool. you point a camera at me and i just don't know what to do. and more often than not, i will blink just as the shutter goes. which makes for annoyingness because in this day and age of being able to see the photo instantly will doesn't get to have a photo of me he just gets 'ahh delete it delete it!!'
i'm going to try and put an end to this or there won't be any photos of me, and then what would happen if i got kidnapped? no one would be able to look for me because they wouldn't have a recent photo. terrible.
and just as a side note in that picture i am drinking a banana, pear and blueberry smoothie with a bit of apple juice to thin it slightly. it was gooooooood.

also yesterday i spent some of my hmv voucher my brother got me for christmas and got (500) days of summer on dvd. we watched it last night and it's still just as funny.


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