Friday, 9 April 2010

skull flowers and smoothies

today i made a new thing to hang on your wall.

ain't it pretty? it's only 5 inches/12 cm across so it's small and cute too.
it's in the shop.
to create this piece i was fueled by tea and homemade cake.

this is an example of the glorious substances that come out of our blender. the other day i also made tomato soup. the recipe came from sophie dahl. i'm loving her programme and am sad it's only 6 episodes long. i wasn't sure when i first watched it but it has grown on me massively. it's so pretty.

and these are a couple of my 365. they're all on my flickr but i figured if you're interested you can look there. some of them aren't so good because of long horrible shifts but some of them, like the elephant, i'm quite proud of.

other things on my mind:
i have massive urges to go to a sleazy glam gig.
but i am also excited to be going to see evelyn evelyn.
i want to spend a load of money on 'home' things specifically kitchen things.
like cake tins and jugs.
i have no money to spend on such things.
potatoes take a long time to bake.
i hope this nice weather lasts.
what would happen if me and will left our jobs and declared ourselves self employed artists?
apple juice, jack daniels and ice is a good drink.


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