Thursday, 29 April 2010


some doodles for your enjoyment.

will took me to test run iron man 2 this morning. it was so good. at least as good as the first. but also had mickey rourke. and sam rockwell. and scarlett johansson.
my one problem with it, where the hell did the ac/dc soundtrack go!?
whoever the idea belongs to of not just using ac/dc songs and putting in other songs instead is a fool.
"i was going to make you an omlette and tell you"
i love robert downey jr.

today was the first day of my week and a day off. i've had a bit of a chill out day so that i can really go for it for the whole week. i'm even going to have an early night.

also today, will dyed my hair for me. it's finally black again rather than very dark brown with brown roots. brilliant :)
thank you william!

i am looking forward to:
seeing these pretty birds. and it's free!
the entity that is me and will turning 4 on saturday. i'm looking forward to a lovely day filled with tasty food. (please don't rain)the quilts exhibition at the v&a. not free but seems worth it.
a whole week off to concentrate on art.

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