Saturday, 15 May 2010

crochet and clouds

the weather has been good today.

i decided a while ago to learn knitting and crochet, i got myself needles and a hook at the same time. i found knitting easier and put the hook down for a while while i got started on my new scarf. i finished my ball of wool so until i get some more, my scarf is on hold so i have picked up the crochet hook to try again with some tiny balls of wool i have laying around from who knows when. i 'mastered' the 'single crochet', unravelled it and learnt the 'double crochet'.

a little wonky but not bad for a first try. which is also what i'd say about my granny square.

not quite right but not bad considering it took me quite a few different tutorials to finally get my head around it. i reckon getting some yarn that's the right thickness for my hook will help, i find the stitches keep being too tight or really loose. but maybe that's just me and i'll get better at it.

anyway, i'm really excited about finally getting good at it and then making loads for a blanket/throw.
now i just need to learn how to swap colours.

at this rate the coming winter is going to be oh so cosy.

i also had an idea for a drawing/collage which is looking to be quite cool hopefully.

will finished a painting this evening and after he gets out of the shower we're going to cook some yummy food.
i'm making guacomole and navajo fry bread while will's making chilli.
i'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

all in all, quite a productive saturday :)


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