Tuesday, 22 June 2010

An Adventure to Norfolk

It was Will's Grandad's 60th birthday on Sunday and so we went to Norfolk for the weekend.
On the Saturday we got our trains to Norwich and there was a massive dinner with about 36 people which was really good. I didn't know who most of them were but it went quite well considering I'm socially inept around people I don't know. I even spoke to someone about wildlife photography and printers, imagine that.
When we got back to his Nan and Grandad's house I ended up with 2, yes 2, 35mm SLR cameras!! One donated from Will's Nan (a Praktica MTL5B) and one from his Uncle (a Minolta Dynax 500si). Both were going to be thrown away/given to a charity shop. I'm amazed by them. Gloria even gave me a roll of film so all I need is to find the right battery. I'm so excited to try them out.
Then on Sunday there was a massive BBQ and then we came home in the evening.
I only took 3 photos which is shameful but nevermind.

Before the BBQ Will took me and Holly (his Mum's dog) for a walk round the site (they live/work on a chicken farm).
That is when I took my 3 photos.

(This is Holly, she's lovely and every now and then she runs like a crazy. It's awesome.)

This is at the bottom of their land. It was a bit dry on Sunday but there were Coots living on it anyway.
I'm always amazed and jealous by how much space they have.


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  1. Free cameras? Sounds like a good weekend to me!