Sunday, 13 June 2010

Victoria and Albert with added Natural History

These photos are backwards in order of what we did but it would take far too much time to sort that out.

We went to London to see the Quilts exhibition at the V&A which I loved. It was really inspiring and I'd definately go again if I had the money. Will bought me a poster from the gift shop, I'm going to hang it next to my desk.

Then we went in the National History Museum to see the dinosaurs and decided we actually needed to have a proper look so we went and had lunch and then came back to it.
The dinosaur skeletons are amazing! And the animatronic T-rex was actually a bit scary once you were in front of it. It was like it was about to run at you. We went and found the Blue Whale which I don't believe is real. You just can't comprehend something that big swimming around. Insane.
Then we went and found some elephants on the way home.

That giraffe would fit in that whale and that's not even the blue whale skeleton!

Scary T.Rex

Noodles make Will happy.

The V&A has good floors...

...and good statues...

...and good tea.

Overall it was a really good day.


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