Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Photos, Photos, Photos

My 222 photos arrived yesterday morning! It's so much better than just seeing them on a computer screen, I love it. I spent quite a lot of the day writing on the back of them and then putting them in photo albums and then going to the charity shop to buy 2 more photo albums because I ran out of spaces.
Now I need to get the disposable that's been floating around forever developed, and finish a film that's in my old camera and get that developed, and use my new SLR's and get them developed.
So many photos!

Looking forward to a day of drawing and then seeing mum and dad for the first time since their holiday. It'll be nice after a tiring long weekend at work to actually do some art and see all the photos that mum and dad took in Cyprus.


p.s. if you like alien ant farm or philosophy I'm making funds by selling some bits I don't want on eBay. I have a pile of stuff but going through it gradually so as to not get overloaded with eBay things to sort out.

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