Thursday, 1 July 2010

Postcards, Posters and Oh Comely!

Yesterday morning I received two postcards from Mum and Dad. I love getting post. I'm amazed the postcards arrived before they got home, even if it was the same day.

Last night I finally hung the Quilts poster Will got me at the V&A.
It's so pretty!

This is also pretty:

The first issue of Oh Comely! magazine.
I love love love it.
It's almost perfect. (I don't listen to the sort of music that things like this do but the interviews and photos are still good to browse and there's plenty of non music stuff in there anyway)
They give everything it's own space, it's beautifully laid out and full of such pretty things.

Also, I put some more things on my Etsy yesterday and added new photos to the screenprinted tote bags so go have a look :)



  1. Okay, commenting first then reading your posts:

    I JUST seconds ago found you via comments on BBL and SNAPPED with jealousy from your avitar!!! I am half in love with London, completely in love with the UK and so VERY jealous of your access to the Elephants

    So can we be eFriends because clearly you are my people! ;o)

    xoxo Kat/@KatOfDiamonds

  2. You're right to love London. It's all kinds of awesome!