Thursday, 13 January 2011

Mobile Photos

A few mobile phone photos.

1. When my mum gives gifts she puts as many shiny things in as possible. But she's sneaky, she doesn't put them in all the presents so you aren't expecting it and she puts them in between the pages of books so you think there aren't any when you open the present and then get covered in them when you come to reading the book.
I love it :)

2. I made a cowl/infinity/loop scarf whichever you prefer to call them. I really enjoyed making it, I'm going to make more and they're destined for the shop.

3. A poor quality photo of what I got from Moo.

4. This morning I got the best post I've had in ages. The photos I got printed came from Jessops and the postcards I made have arrived from Moo. Almost a week early too! Number 3 is of the postcards and doesn't do them justice at all, they're beautifully printed. These are also destined for the shop, a few of my photos and a couple of Valentines designs too. They should be up in the next couple of days.
Also if you are one of the many that have stopped getting photos printed now that it's all digital I highly advise that you go get some photo albums and get your favourite photos printed out. I love actually looking through and touching the photos, printed photos look better than on a screen because they aren't made of light and the colours are so much richer and it's just better to be able to actually hold something. Well I think it is anyway, each to their own but I definitely think everyone should try it. And if you do, don't just get the perfect ones printed, it's about memories after all, not being a professional photographer :)

I'm off to (hopefully) print the rest of my zine pages. It's about half printed but our printer is a bit temperamental so I can't ask it to do too much all in one go. It's looking good though :)


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