Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Day Out

Myself and William met up with Tom and headed over to Kemistry for the Saul Bass exhibit. I love his film posters. Every poster I'd be 'ooooh this is my favourite one' then I'd look at the next one and be 'ooooh this is my favourite one' then I'd go back to one I'd already looked at and be 'oooh no this is my favourite one' and so on.
Then we essentially just wandered the day away which managed to include a free taste of saki at the Japan Centre.
I was glad we managed to miss the rain until the short walk home and I was even more glad to rest my sore walking feet and have some miso soup :)



  1. Oh I'd love to see a Saul Bass exhibit!

  2. Ah me too, i love saul bass. Shame i don't live in London, booh! x