Friday, 22 April 2011

Comics I've Read Vol.2

The other day I was sorting and throwing out a load of stuff that should have been sorted and thrown out years ago and I realised that when I said Tank Girl was my first proper venture into comics it was kind of a lie. When I was at high school I started reading Kerrang magazine and from my very first issue I started cutting out and keeping the Pandora strips. As my tastes evolved I stopped reading Kerrang and after a few years Pandora-less it turned out a friend of mine at uni bought it every week and my love for collecting Pandora strips was fuelled once more when he offered me the strips when he was done with the magazine. I haven't seen her in a while but I hope she's still going.
Ray Zell is one of those typical art types that doesn't update his website but there is quite a bit on there.

More recently, I've just finished the Best of American Splendour.
Having never read any of it before it took some time before I stopped expecting a typical ending and just accepted that they were snippets of life rather than made up stories that end neatly and ended up really enjoying it.


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