Monday, 12 December 2011


I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to start doing the 52 weeks project again from the start of the year. Last time I tried, a few years ago, I failed to keep it up for very long and figured to have a chance of managing it this time I'd spend the rest of this year getting in the habit of taking self portraits.
Turns out this was probably a good idea because this is the first time since thinking about it that I've actually had a go.

I really hate photos of me but I want there to be photos of me because even though at the time I won't have wanted a photo taken, it bugs me when I look back through photos and there is masses of time where there isn't a single photo of me, also just generally to get used to photos of me so I can stop hating them so much.
I'd also like to get better at taking photos and surely this project can only help with that.

I'll probably post any of the good ones here and/or on flickr like I would with anything else but then each week I'll also try and pick just one that is that week's self portrait for the project.

I really hope I manage the whole year. I can't imagine how people manage to do the 365 project, crazy.


p.s. that scarf will be in the shop before too long, I was hoping I could kill two birds with one stone and do a self portrait and some product shots but I really should take some pictures of it in the day rather than in dark outside, orangey inside light.

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