Saturday, 7 January 2012


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Drawings from Transmetropolitan, Love and Rockets, a fallen leaf from our poinsettia (called Sanchez), The Art of Pixar Short Films and The Art of Up.

So far I'm doing quite well with my resolutions. I have made more than I probably should have but I think it's all achievable in a year.

The main, more resolutiony ones (rather than just goals to get done this year) are to draw every day, take a photo every day and take part in the 52 weeks self portrait project and I'm managing them all so far.

I've decided that the best way to manage this for the whole year is to regularly remind myself that I don't have to prove to the internet (or anyone else) that I'm doing these things every day. Realising that I don't have to put the drawings or photos in full view of everyone takes a lot of the pressure off. Which, in turn, means I should produce better work.
So, I will probably end up with sets on flickr for these projects but that doesn't mean you get to see it all.
Sorry :)

I'll be uploading my first week of 52 weeks tomorrow. That's a project I am going to try and share all of.
Lucky you.


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