Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Mobile Photos and a Thought or Two

End of 2011 - end of February 2012
Steam train, glitter juice, handmade rings gifted to me by William, reading, brazil nut facts from me in William's sketchbook, toblerone cookie, tape face, new dress, snow, shortbread head, tower, drawing, the day I was on the front page of Etsy, The Craft Room, spring, claw hands, pancakes, homemade pizza (base and all), handmade envelopes.

In other news:

I often feel that my blog is missing something.
I've decided that March shall be the month I sort this out.

I'm turning the February Sale code off in the morning so last chance to grab a deal :)

Also, that pizza was the best pizza ever. If you've never made pizza from scratch go do it now, it's so easy and puts shop bought pizza to shame.