Monday, 19 March 2012

Wrapping Things

I was quite proud of the wrapping I did for the post I sent to my mum for Mothers Day. Also I enjoyed doing it which is always a bonus. That envelope with the doily is hand made. Aren't I amazing?
If you don't think so, I'll send Piranha Pete after you.


  1. love Pete!!! what was inside the packages?!?! i love taking my time to package things up, like ebay parcels, and i wonder what the people receiving the parcels think, or if they even notice all the twiddly bits i put on the envelopes!!!

    1. I do the same thing and often wonder if people will even notice, hopefully they do and it makes their post that day a little less boring. Inside was chocolate and a rather cheesy card that I made out of a photo of myself holding a sign that said 'I love you Mummy'. My mum's obviously very lucky that I never grew up!