Friday, 20 April 2012

Polka Dot Shoes!

Untitled Untitled

The first photo shows some nice new things I got today for a total of £8.40 and some instax photos (which you can see on my flickr if you like).

The second photo is of wax crayons being sorted. Obviously. Also one of the cd's we ordered off amazon with our £10 lottery winnings. Another example of something we should have owned years ago but didn't.

Just now we were in Morrisons buying a bottle of wine, a jar of mayonnaise, a bag of salad and a bag of peanut puffs. The till lady asks for id. Will gives her id (he's 26) she looks at me and asks for id, I tell her I have none on me but point out that Will's buying it, not me. She doesn't let us buy the wine. All this accomplishes is that I have to stand outside while Will goes back in to get the wine from someone else as though I am actually underage and being sneaky.
I get id'd all the time which I don't mind but it's something new that I look so young or dodgy or something that she won't even sell alcohol to someone with 26 year old id if I'm with them.


I wonder how young I'd need to have been for her to sell Will the alcohol, I'm sure she doesn't refuse to sell alcohol to people that have little kids with them...

For reference, I'm 24.


  1. loving the shoes...i do have a bit of a thing about red shoes...and green coats!!! and i see you have peeled some crayons! yay - can't wait to see how they turn out... xxx

    1. For some unknown reason I'd taken the paper off of all those crayons years ago. I had to scrape them with a knife to get the dirty bits off the outsides, which was actually quite fun. Melting crayons is my new favourite thing, I made more than I would ever need and put some in The Craft Room and they sold the same day!!