Saturday, 19 May 2012

Dino Shoes

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Will hand painted me some shoes for our anniversary, I'm oh so pleased with them. They're the best shoes ever. The shoes were originally plain white, all the blue is painted on by Will as well as the dinosaurs. I hope you're jealous because if you're not there's probably something wrong with you ;)

I'm feeling the need recently to have a little mention about Will and I'm hoping you'll stick with it.
He's mental.
He's an illustrator, mostly of the painting kind but he can essentially turn his hand to any medium with an annoying amount of ease. He seems to have a strange idea that he's not really producing things yet that are worth showing off. I keep trying to point out that he's great and that other people think so too and that if he just started using his flickr etc (there is so much work that isn't on his flickr and at the moment it doesn't really do him justice) he'd probably quite easily get some people interested and be able to start making a career out of art in some way or another but it's obviously not working from me, maybe he thinks I'm just being nice to spare his feelings or something but I'm not, he's awesome.
Go check him out (or just look at the shoes) here is his flickr, his twitter and his etsy, he has been toying with the idea of un-deleting his facebook and getting a blog but he seems to put it off because he doesn't want to be showing his work to people, which would be fine if the reason wasn't because he thought his stuff isn't good enough yet. I implore you to go to his etsy, flickr, twitter, comment here or whatever and let him know that he's good and you'd like him to upload more work more often. Even if some of the stuff he does isn't to your taste I don't think you can deny that he's really good. Just look back at the shoes. Remember how you want some too. (Can you tell how much I love the shoes?!) He's definitely good enough and should definitely be showing himself off more.
So please, go pester him into showing off more of his drawings, it's not really fair that I'm pretty much the only person that gets to see them on a regular basis. There's so much more than what is on his flickr and it's all really really good most of it isn't even scanned into the computer so I can't give a really good thorough example of his work. Even his super quick scratchy doodles are brilliant and would make awesome zines.
I feel like I'm starting to ramble a little so I'll stop now but I really do hope you go check out his work and if you like it, let him know :)

The lack of work on his flickr is bugging me so I just ran upstairs and took some quick photos of the drawings on/near his desk and also from an old sketchbook.

Thanks for staying till the end :)


  1. jealous of those shoes...if i see you out and about i am sooooo going to have to rugby tackle you to the floor and steal them!! they are completely ace...your Will is so talented x

    1. I'll have to keep a defensive eye out for you! Thanks :)