Wednesday, 2 May 2012

This Is Rock n Roll!

For our 6th anniversary yesterday we went to The Waterfront (for Will, the first time in years and for me the first time ever, it's been stupidly long since we went out and saw a band) to see The Quireboys. We've seen them a couple of times in London and they were as awesome as ever.
My right ear is paying the price today for standing so close to the speakers but to be honest I really don't care, it was worth it.
I can't pretend I'm not disappointed that they didn't play Sex Party and also that people have gotten so complacent about bands doing an encore, it seems people don't cheer anymore and if you do, you get funny looks from the non cheer-ers but never the less I had a brilliant night.

Just want to say, I'm not sharing the video because I think it's a good example of video-ing, or because I'm showing off or any reason other than it's just a little, poor quality video memory to be stored on the blog. Just like the blurry poor quality photos I just printed out to stick in my sketchbook. I don't want to watch the band through a camera rather than actually seeing it but I do like to have a reminder of the night and a quick blurry pixelated reminder of the night is good enough for me :)


  1. Omg, I loved the Quireboys and saw them a few times in my teens!!!! ( that makes me sound really old... But I'm not!!)... Did they play 'hey you' or 7 O' Clock??? I'd have been a bit gutted with the non encore too! Sex party would have been an obvious choice for that surely!!!!!! Xx

    1. They played "hey you" and "7 0'clock". You should go see them again at some point they're still awesome!