Saturday, 23 June 2012

Roberto Ferri

There aren't really any words to describe just how instantly I fell in love with this guy about 20 mins ago. I just had to share it. I was looking at Neil Gaiman's tumblr and there he was, Roberto Ferri. I'm sad I only just found out he exists, I'm so glad I now know he exists.
I urge you to go to his website and look through the gallery.
I'm in love.

By the way, when do you think these were painted? You're probably way off.

"Roberto Ferri was born in Taranto in 1978. In 1996, he graduated from the Art High School "Lysippus' of Taranto."
- copied and google translated from his website.

Even more wow.


  1. he's definitley a great painter! a good find xo

    The Young Bridget Jones

  2. I just posted about this guy too ;) You should check out ODD NERDRUM.