Friday, 22 June 2012

Split Cam Part 1

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This is the last time I abandon a film for so long before finishing it! (Except for the disposable I've got laying around that I started in January...)
These photos are from my birthday, 2010. The day I got my split cam. I think that first photo is finally the last photo to be found of Hatfield, exactly a year after we moved.
I thought I'd almost finished this film. I was wrong. I got it out on Wednesday and took a couple of pictures to try and finish it off and the counter was on about 8 so I started worrying that something had gone wrong somewhere because I was so certain that I'd taken more photos than that so I ran around for about 10 minutes taking photos of everything and I got to the end of the film and it turns out there was nothing wrong with it, there was just a lot of film left.

Anyway, here's the first lot of the pictures, taken in London, in 2010.

P.S if you don't know about Split Cam it's basically a toy camera that allows you to take double exposures and also has little slider things that go over the lens so you can take half the photo of one thing and then the other half of something else. That's how Will is on top of some tree, for example.

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