Friday, 13 July 2012

A Small Bit of Craft

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Some poor quality photos of a small portion of The Craft Room. I made a crochet garland and didn't have any pictures of it so I took a quick snap of it in the window and the cushions too, just because. The lovely things near my cushion are made by Everso Crafty. If I had the right phone it would be in that pig case.

Speaking of phones, if you know of a mobile phone that has a 3.2mp or better camera and costs around £100, connecting to wi fi would be a bonus too, I'd be grateful if you could let me know. I'm looking for a new phone for my birthday and I have no idea. It seems the only options are super duper smartphones or really basic old lady phones with huge buttons (I'm tempted but I'd like a camera). I'd like something inbetween and I don't spend enough on credit to warrant a contract so I need to find a cheap handset. Gadgets are not my thing, I know nothing about phones. I got my current phone on ebay and have had it for years and years and years and it hasn't made sound for at least 2 years because it got dropped in a pint of water. Yes, I'm that smart. Please help me.

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