Friday, 24 August 2012

Gif Time!

Yeah, I'm a fool.

I have a few points to make. This wasn't planned, I was photographing bunting for my Folksy shop and decided to try and get a 52 weeks photo at the same time. Once the photos were on my computer I thought they'd work together in gif form.
Also, I wouldn't wear just leggings on my bottom half outside the house, this was a 'don't leave the house stay in and work all day' day.

Also again, while typing this, gif me is moving around at the top of the post which is making me laugh and feel disturbed at the same time. I apologise for bringing this into your life.

p.s For any sensitive types: I mean no offence to people that do wear just leggings outside their house. I'm perfectly happy for you to do what you like and for me to do what I like, it's what makes us all interesting and awesome.

p.p.s Although if you are going to do that I think you should know that after a while leggings get thin and those leggings should not be worn without something over them. I don't like to see your pants.

p.p.p.s Unless your pants are awesome and you want to show them off. But then you'd probably be better off losing the leggings for optimum pant showing off ness.

I'm going to stop now, I woke up really early without the aid of an alarm which is weird and I think it's affected me a bit.


  1. I'm not a lover of leggings either - I don't have the bum for them!

    Love the GIF!

    Jem xXx

  2. I agree with the leggings thing- I do wear them (far too much) but only with a dress or skirt or something considerably longer than my arse. I hate the see-through look too. I had a 6th form student helping in my class and I had to tell her that when she bent over I could see her bum. Made me sound like a right old fart! x