Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Pinhole Camera

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For my birthday William made me a pinhole camera that you could run 35mm film through. Amazing, I'm sure you'll agree.
With the camera, he gave me a "photo album" (old book) with his first attempt in it and for me to fill with my own photos. His first attempt was made of a Ribena carton! It mostly just produced awesome looking light leaks. He used this knowledge to make my camera from a matchbox, lots of black tape, a peg and a key to wind the film on. We actually got photos! Very blurry photos but photos none the less. If he makes the same progress for the next camera they'll be pretty amazing photos. Not that these photos aren't amazing, literally anything from film onto photo paper makes me happy.

A few more.


  1. Awesome :) I like the presentation in an old book too.