Wednesday, 5 September 2012

House Mess Part One

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Our house is a mess at the moment. It looks like we've just moved in or something.
We weren't really using the front room and our studio upstairs was just a pile of stuff so Will has moved downstairs. This means a lot of stuff has been put in piles on the floor and anywhere else.
Everything being different has made for an urge to photograph all the little details so here is the first of 2 posts showing a few bits of our mess.
I'm really excited to sort out my studio so it's usable again. I have no idea where to start though.


  1. I love being able to have a good re-organise. Unfortunately my house is a tip. So bad I would never dream of photographing it. If I did, my Mum would kill me!

    1. If my mum came in our house like it is at the moment I think she'd have some sort of panic attack, saying she likes things tidy would be a massive understatement.