Sunday, 23 September 2012

Photo an Hour ~ DILO

DILO 08.48

8am - Morning check on the herbs, time for some water.

DILO 09.04

9am - Breakfast

DILO 10.55  38.52

10am - 52 weeks photo. This is for week 38! I'm actually managing it! Go me!

DILO 11.23

11am - Working on amigurumi peas I've been asked to make.

DILO 12.30

12noon - Still working on the peas.

DILO 13.58

1pm - Oh look, more peas.

DILO 14.27

2pm - Lunch and a musical interlude.

DILO 15.57

3pm - I went for a walk...

DILO 16.22

4pm - ...AND FOUND COWS! (there will be more from the cows tomorrow)

DILO 17.21

5pm - We went to get ice creams before Will had to go to work.

DILO 18.16

6pm - There are too many spiders about these days.

DILO 19.24

7pm - Eating soup for dinner.

DILO 20.18

8pm - I spent my evening watching telly...

DILO 21.24

9pm - ...I started with the plan of Doctor Who then turning the telly off for more productive things. That didn't happen.

DILO 22.22

10pm - How stupid some of the people on Million Pound Drop are finally got me to turn off the telly and I headed to bed with a comic.

DILO is Day In the Life Of which is a group on flickr.