Wednesday, 14 November 2012

£3.98 ~ Oranges and Raspberries

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I had some really good luck on my last charity shop outing. A raspberries jug, oranges jar, very pretty bowl and slightly creepy santa cup. The oranges jar smells a bit funky but not as funky as it's twin that I left behind and I'm sure it'll air out fine. If not I'll just keep it closed and ignore the knowledge of it having a smell in it. Oh the magic of second hand things.


  1. They are great finds. Love the jar especially- have you tried putting bicarb in the jar- it's supposed to absorb smells? x

    1. Good tip! The jar seems alright now but I'm a little suspicious of the plastic lid hiding smells (I've had a blocked nose for what seems like forever so I can't be sure if it still smells or not!) so I'll give it a go :)