Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Quentin Blake


I found out a while ago that there was a Quentin Blake exhibition on in Diss so on Monday Will and I ventured out to Diss for the first time to find the Corn Hall and some Blake prints. It was so good. I always think of Quentin Blake as a children's book illustrator so seeing some work that wasn't for children was really interesting. I loved it. The girls with dogs are my favourite I think, there was another one where the dog was sitting with his paw on a piece of paper that had yellow on it which I really liked.
Also, I found Diss to be really quite pretty. We didn't adventure round it much because it was too cold to wander about, we just walked back down through a bit of the town centre to get to the train station again but there's a big park with some kind of lake in the middle and lots of little independent shops and a bakery selling the tastiest pork and apple sausage rolls (it's never too cold to stop at a bakery) and I imagine I'll go back at some point with a camera.

I used google image to find the illustrations, the first links to here and the second here. The photo at the top is mine and was taken at Diss train station.

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