Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Week 1

5.365 6.365 1.52 7.365

Last year I wanted to do a 365 photo a day project and kept it vague thinking that would help and I didn't manage it which I think is pretty stupid because I love taking photos. So, this year I thought if I was a little more specific it might help so I was trying to think of a topic and near the end of last year I saw Elsie mention she was going to do 365 home photos so I stole the idea *evil laugh*. I'm in the house every day, for most of the day so it's (hopefully) not a difficult topic to achieve and by the end of the year I might have a lovely collection of photos showing me how awesome our house and the things that happen in it are which will be a nice thing to look at when I'm feeling a bit whingey and thinking everything is rubbish.

I'll just post my favourites on here, which hopefully some weeks will mean 7 photos, but if you'd like to see the whole lot I will be posting them all on Flickr. Here's the 365 set.

Any other new years resolutions/goals out there?
I'm also trying to do 52 weeks again but with better quality photos more often and just to generally work harder and better :)

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