Thursday, 14 February 2013

Post and a Little Story

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The other day I came home to this rather lovely package.
I'm so excited by the tights and the fact that the little purse is a lip balm and that I have my own copy of Pride and Prejudice and that it has such a good cover and that little baby penguin, aw!!!
Getting post that isn't bills is just too exciting.

Thank you mummy ^-^

Seeing as it's Valentine's and I've already mentioned my mum, here's a little story.
When I was little, I can't remember how old but it must have still been single figures, I remember being really upset and when mum asked me what was wrong I told her that I hadn't been given any Valentine's Day cards. I was in bed and she came in to ask if she could borrow my felt pens and a little while later she turned up with a Valentine's card for me. Aw. Looking back, I'm glad it's the only Valentine's card I got. Much better than any smelly boy.
These days I don't mind if I don't get a card on Valentine's day, there are more important things to worry about.


  1. That's lovely! My nan used to always send me treats from thorntons on valentine's day.x

  2. What a lovely package from your Mum! Would love to know where she picked up that copy of P & P - would love one of the classic orange and cream editions :-)

    Jem xXx

    1. She ordered it online. Here's the ISBN: 978-0-14-103751-6 so you can search for it, or a bookshop could use it to order in a copy for you :)

  3. Such a lovely package! The lip balm is so cute & unique!