Monday, 25 February 2013

Shop Rebranding


Grey knit hat ~ here and here.


Blue and fluorescent orange scarf ~ here.


Praktica postcard ~ here


Chevron blanket ~ here

For all of February I have done nothing but edit photos. At least that's how it feels. And it feels slightly crazed. But I think it's been worth it.

Both my shops now have a cohesive look to them that I think looks good and makes it easier for me to photograph items and get them in the shop quicker without having to worry about whether modelling that hat today means everyone will see my massive spot or the clothes horse in the background.

But mostly because I think it looks good and brings the shop together.

There are a few items that need changing or adding to but I'd love it if you went and had a look, etsy here and folksy here.

If you think it was a really bad idea then don't tell me right away, I don't think I'd be able to take it.

Now to finish off the first lot of amigurumi yokai and get an about page sorted for here and re-do my website and I have a market coming up in March to prepare for and all the other ideas I have scribbled down in various places to make and draw. It's lucky I like keeping busy.

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