Friday, 22 March 2013

Illustration ~ We Don't Even Have A Cat

We Don't Even Have A Cat

We constantly have cats trying to get in our house. There are two main culprits one of them featured here. He so almost got smushed in the door, I had no idea he was anywhere near and as soon as I noticed something had run past me he was already sitting in the next room cleaning himself as though he'd been sitting there the whole time.

Then he attacked some balloons that were on the floor before Will grabbed him (reluctantly, Will has fallen in love with this cat, it has the most beautiful blue eyes and once got in through a window and went to hang out with Will in bed while I was out, sneaky little git).

I wish I wasn't allergic or I'd just let them hang out but once the itchy eyes start it's not so fun anymore.

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  1. We used to have the same problem in our student house. Unfortunately my housemate was allergic. Now the cats licking themselves in my house are owned by me, but they are always breaking into the neighbours houses. Cheeky little buggers!