Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Week 13


Day 86 - At my desk making brooches.


Day 88 - Easter chicks and a drawing.


Day 89 - The Rolling Stones makes washing up more enjoyable.


Day 90 - Hiding eggs for Will to find.


Day 91 - Making badger brooches.

When making the badger brooches I had a bit of a dilemma, I thought the black eyes looked better but thought it might be a problem that they weren't obvious enough so I tried brown which I didn't like as much as the black. I went out this morning to look for black plastic eyes to use instead of sewing them myself which will hopefully solve the problem. We shall see.

Also today we visited an oriental supermarket I found on my way home the other day, even though we wanted everything we tried to be restrained but I'm so looking forward to having rice in miso soup for dinner and then boiling up some rice balls filled with red bean paste. I think I'll have to save up some pennies and next time buy all the snacks. It all looked so good!
(I'll have to try and forget about the smokey plum juice incident when thinking about buying new things to try, "also i had that plum juice from chinatown yesterday. it isn't in anyway plum juice. it's like smoke in liquid form in a box." It really was horrid and I saw cartons of it in the shop today, bleurgh...)


  1. Beckyyyy the badger brooches are adorable! As are the fox and bear ones! I likey alot! :o)