Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Week 14


Day 93 - At the right time of the day the suncatcher hanging in my studio window makes the wall at the top of the stairs really pretty.


Day 95 - Printing some more thank you notes to put in with orders.


Day 96 - I'm so glad the weather is finally starting to change. These dog violets (I think) are growing out of our front door step.


Day 98 - I'm looking forward to spending more time in the garden this year. Need to actually keep on top of the gardening for once.

We've never really had to look after a garden. During uni it was always part of the contract that the landlord did the gardening (yeah, like that happened) and then we lived in a flat with a communal garden that was looked after for us so this is only the second year we'll have to do it ourselves and last year we failed miserably.
Hopefully this year we'll keep on top of it. I need to conquer a mixed fear of bugs and being out the front and possibly having to interact with neighbours. We have a pair of blackbirds in our garden that are spending a lot of time throwing the dead leaves out of the flower beds looking for bugs (and then the wind puts the leaves back in the beds and they come back and throw them all out again) we need to figure out how to have the garden nice for us to sit in but not so tidy that that we ruin it for the wildlife, I wouldn't want the birds to hang out somewhere else.

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