Saturday, 1 June 2013

Shop Birthdays!

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A few months ago the thought occurred to me that when my shop birthdays rolled around I should do something for them so I set about trying to figure out when I actually started running them (my Etsy shop says it started in April but I didn't actually list anything till June, I was just having a nosey around) and it turned out they were both started in June! My Etsy 3 years ago this month and my Folksy has its 1st birthday this month.


I wanted to celebrate somehow and thought the best way to celebrate with shops is discounts! Also I have thoughts about lovely things to do with packing orders this month as well but not really sure how that will manifest itself so you'll just have to wait and see.


Etsy is nice and easy with codes. If you'd like 10% off your order then use the code 'PARTYFAVOUR' or if you'd like free UK delivery with your order then use 'PASSTHEPARCEL' all through June.


Folksy doesn't have coupon codes but I have gone through and given all the items free UK delivery so you'll get that automatically. If you're from a foreign, exotic land (not the UK) and want to shop on Folksy then let me know before buying and I'll set you up your own listing with 10% off the item prices (postage won't have a discount applied).


On Folksy obviously anyone that orders gets free delivery as it was the only way I could do it but on Etsy if you don't use a code you don't get a discount. I will have the codes plastered about everywhere I can put them (and would appreciate them being shared by anyone else too) but I'd love to know that the orders were made by people that know about the birthdays rather than just people getting them by accident (which means if you order something on Folksy I'd love it if you left a message letting me know you knew about the offer).


For the non-British, notice the spelling of 'favour' in the 10% off code. I'm thinking some of you maybe wouldn't have a 'u' in it.

Also, just in case you missed the links throughout the post click here to go to my Etsy shop and click here to go to my Folksy shop.

Thank you for looking  ^_^

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