Monday, 10 June 2013

The Cute and the Not So Cute

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We went over to the meadow this morning to check on the woodpeckers. We were pretty sure we wouldn't see them but when we got there one was still in the nest and we found another chick hanging around in the nearby trees. A parent came back once while we were there to feed the one still in the nest.
It was so cute watching the chick climb around in the trees, it wasn't quite so graceful as the adult, a bit fluffier and rather than just shimmying along like woodpeckers do it was a little wobbly and kept having to flap its wings to keep balance. It was quite a treat because we thought once they left the nest we wouldn't get to see them again.

On the way back home we found this chunky beetle thing (my research tells me it's a cockchafer). Will picked it up to take home for further inspection or something, we don't really know what we were going to do with it and then just as we got to our front door it's legs started moving and we freaked out because we thought it was dead (and are wimps). Will put it down under a bush thinking it would recover itself but we went outside later and it was being eaten by ants.

Nature's so lovely.

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