Friday, 7 June 2013

The Meadow ~ Exploring


We went to the meadow again. How could we not with the weather being so nice?
This time we poked around in the overgrown bits more which was pretty fun. We checked up on the woodpeckers first. They're still there being noisy as ever but the chicks are poking their heads out of the nest a lot even when the adults aren't around so I guess they'll be gone soon.

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I might be interested in wildlife things but I know I don't want to meet what is living down there.


Will is at his happiest when he is up a tree.

The other night Will took me to the meadow at dusk to see the bats. He'd seen them the night before (I'm lazy so I didn't go with him) but I had to overcome my laziness to go see the bats because, bats.
It was the coolest thing ever. They were flying right over our heads and catching bugs right in front of us. Once one actually flew in between our heads, they get so close it's crazy. It was brilliant.

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