Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Meadow ~ Woodpeckers and Damselflies

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After spending the morning yesterday fighting with html trying to make my website pretty (it's slowly but surely getting there) Will and I went for a walk round the meadow. There's all sorts going on there at the minute. The cows have been about munching away but they've left now to let the wildflowers grow.


Will found a Great Spotted Woodpecker nest! You can sit so close to it and watch the parents come in to feed. We're not sure how many chicks there are but they are constantly (literally) making noise and are sticking their heads out to get the food so they must be getting pretty close to fledging we reckon. It'll be kind of sad when we walk over there and can't hear them anymore. Also, we thought it was weird that they were making so much noise. I thought baby birds were quiet when the parents weren't around so they won't get eaten. You can hear these guys from quite far away, it's how Will found the nest. Any bird enthusiasts out there know if this is normal?

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 We sat down by the river and were surrounded by Common Blue Damselflies (I've had the bug book out for identification). They're so pretty.

I don't think I'll ever stop being amazed by what we have just down the road considering we live on the edge of a city. Good old Norwich.

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