Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Rosary Cemetery ~ 03/07/13


This afternoon we decided to go on an adventure and have a wander up a dirt path Will had noticed. We had no idea where it was going to end up but figured we might see a pretty house or something. After wandering along a few roads and round a few corners we stumbled upon a cemetery. At first it looked fairly new and small but the further in we went the more we realised how big it was and how amazing it was.

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It turns out the cemetery started in 1821 and was the first non-denominational one in the country. So everyone that didn't want to be buried (or weren't welcome) in their parish churchyard could be buried here.

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There's a few information posts around the cemetery and this mausoleum was apparently built while Emanuel was still alive and he'd come sit by it to smoke his pipe and watch the world go by.

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There's so much crammed in there, I think you could wander around for hours and not see it all. I was pretty excited when we found the Colman (as in, the mustard) family plot. There's all sorts of paved paths and not paved paths and hills and different levels and overgrown bits and not overgrown bits and it's just amazing.

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I've always loved cemeteries I can't believe there's such an interesting one so close to my house that I haven't known about for the past 2 years! I look forward to going back for a really good wander around when it's not meant to be just a quick wander as a break from work and when there aren't rainclouds hovering overhead.

Also, I'm going to have to make a point of wandering up and around all the roads near me now to make sure there isn't anything else nearby we don't know about!

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