Monday, 1 July 2013

Week 26


Day 176 - An ongoing blanket I'm making for us out of all the tiny strands that get leftover from everything else.


Day 177 - The evening before, Will had brought me some flowers back from the meadow.


Day 178 - Another 'ah I've forgotten to take a photo' photo. Some things on my desk that I'm working on.


Day 179 - Trying to sort out my studio. Failing miserably but finding some gems.


Day 180 - So many sewing patterns. I was given them a while ago, I've made a pile of the ones I would hope to make myself one day and I'm thinking about selling the others but I really don't know if people would want them or not, is there much call for old patterns? I think I need to do some googling.


Day 181 - Instead of sorting out my studio (which is currently just more of a mess than when I started) or doing work, I started a cross stitch picture of our house. I am slow at cross stitch.


Day 182 - Pretty much the only good looking part of my studio at the moment so I'll just concentrate on this. I sorted out all the embroidery threads a while ago, putting them all on the little spool thingys then the other day I found another box with a load more threads. Now I need more spool thingys. So pretty.

Some things this week:
This plant pot has the best face.
This jumper is just too pretty.
This skirt.
This Halloween jumper.
These leather notebooks look like they feel so good.

Basically this week I wanted to be shopping.

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