Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Week 28


Day 190 - Will's paintings in our living room.


Day 191 - I made meringue with an egg white I had leftover from making cookies.


Day 192 - Fabric on my studio floor waiting to become linings for pouches.


Day 193 - I took a shine to this start of tape piece.


Day 194 - Accidental flower growing in our back garden.


Day 195 - This guy had attached himself to the underneath of our bathroom door. He had one hell of a grip but wasn't moving much. We put him outside.


Day 196 - A desk shot with some reference photos for a zine submission I was working on. I got them from

Things this week:
Bat skull necklace!!!
In fact his whole shop is pretty exciting.
Oh my gosh, unicorn ring!
Amanda Palmer just keeps getting more awesome. Here's her song in response to a Daily Mail 'review'. (NSFW)

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