Thursday, 25 July 2013

Week 29


Day 197 (16.07.13) - Will's worried by the news that only one setting on the fan still works. When it finally gives up, we will both melt away to nothing in our sleep. (Please ignore the curtains that I don't like, even though I just brought them to your attention.)


Day 198 (17.07.13) - Blah.


Day 199 (18.07.13) - This is keeping us alive in the night.


Day 200 (19.07.13) - We spent all of Friday sorting out the little back room which was just a big horrible pile. Now it's nice tidy piles.


Day 201 (20.07.13) - Boater.


Day 202 (21.07.13) - Painting my Granddad's birthday card.


Day 203 (22.07.13) - Working on some shrink plastic pendants someone asked me to make. (That is a "gone slightly wrong, yay I get a blue tit brooch of my own" piece.

Things this week:
Shrink plastic is hard to figure out. No matter how much maths you do it will just turn out whatever size it wants.
I read The Fountain. It's a beautiful book but I don't think I would have been able to follow it if I hadn't already seen the film.
I also read Fistful of Blood the story didn't go anywhere but I always love Simon Bisley's artwork, no matter how ridiculous it is.
The main thing this week is I'm hot and therefore brain dead.

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