Monday, 29 July 2013

Week 30


Day 204 (23.07.13) - Someone asked for two shrink plastic pendants and this is them.


Day 205 (24.07.13) - William doing a paint. This is also the evening I found out about changing the ISO rather than having it on auto so the shutter speed was quicker and I didn't get a blurry photo in bad light. I don't understand it but it worked. Yay for learning!


Day 206 (25.07.13) - Hot hot feet.


Day 207 (26.07.13) - Crochet injury. I didn't injure it with crochet but crochet kept ripping it open again.


Day 208 (27.07.13) - Getting my business head on, candy cane pens and decorations.


Day 209 (28.07.13) - Making more candy cane decorations.


Day 210 (29.07.13) - In the studio on one of my inspiration washing lines.

Things this week:
This shop is so precious.
This Guardian article about sweatshops is pretty interesting.
I really like these diary pages on firstladypatate's photostream.
My first birthday card arrived this morning, I'm pretty excited. I get too excited about my birthday. ( 5 sleeps to go ^_^ )

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