Saturday, 17 August 2013

Sketchbook ~ Big Hips and Taro


Some doodles I did while I was thinking about what to do for my The Chapess zine submission.

10th August 2013

The station changed the platform at the last minute. We were just looking at the map by the door that didn't have where we were going on it when the guy pictured spoke to us, then he found a train man on the platform to check and a whole train full of people had to run round to the next platform. Luckily our train was 5 mins late or we'd have all had to wait another hour.
Ah, public transport :)
I drew this while I was on the train which I'm pretty impressed with just because normally if I draw on a train all I get is wobble lines.

11th and 12th August 2013

I've enjoyed doing journal type pages in my sketchbook recently. I often get stuck trying to think of something to draw when I want to draw just for the sake of drawing so I find just drawing what happened during the day is a good way out of that.
The iced coffee was much needed, my huge hips often lead to a case of the glums when I try and buy clothes but luckily Will knows how to sort me out.

14th August 2013

The first time we ever tried taro flavoured anything and oh my gosh it was tasty! How I love the oriental food shops around here.


  1. H&M is the worst re hips. Their size range is labelled up to 16 but their 16 is definitely not a normal UK woman 16...
    I think their translation from American sizes is different to other shops too. Either way I can't buy non-stretchy bottoms from there. Same for Topshop - I can count the number of items I've bought from there in the last 5 years on one hand.

    1. Shop sizes are crazy. I tried on a stretchy pair of size 16 shorts in Topshop a few months ago and they were so tight but I have a size 14 pair of denim shorts from Marks and Spencer that aren't at all tight. They should just label it in cm or inches, you can't really go wrong with an actual measurement. Although, I'm sure they'd find a way...