Monday, 26 August 2013

Week 34


Day 232 (20.08.13) - "If you do the washing up, I'll make cakes."


Day 233 (21.08.13) - Wedgehead.


Day 234 (22.08.13) - A small selection of books.


Day 235 (23.08.13)


Day 236 (24.08.13) - I know it's not a good photo but purple potato mash!!! It doesn't look like real food, it's so weird and awesome.


Day 237 (25.08.13) - We tried out some tapes Will picked up from his nan and grandad's the other week and one of them got eaten by the tape deck so he proceeded to wind it all round me then the house. It looked pretty cool, oddly.


Day 238 (26.08.13) - Bird skull (wood pigeon ?), great white shark tooth.

Things this week:
We went and picked blackberries in the meadow. There are so many of them and they're so tasty. I found a few wormy ones though so now I'm scared to eat them.
A friend and his fiance came to visit.
I still have (I may have never mentioned it here actually...) some things on ebay we don't want. At the moment it's sewing patterns and Warhammer rulebooks. I have more of both to list aswell.

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