Friday, 20 September 2013

Recent Makes ~ Bats and Crocodile Stitch

Untitled Untitled

A trio of bats ready for Clutter City. It's the first time I've used safety eyes that aren't just black and I really like them, the up side of a shop not having what you wanted. Now I'm just waiting on a kilo (it's so so so much cheaper than getting 250g bags in shops) of filling to arrive so I can try and squeeze in a few more amigurumi creatures for the market. I'm working on home printing a few new greetings cards too. Busy last minute type of week ahead, I'm looking forward to it.

Crocodile Stitch Front Crocodile Stitch Back

I also recently had a go at learning the crocodile stitch (front and back views). It's awesome, nice and chunky. I had to read a few different tutorials before I figured out how it worked but then it's pretty simple once you've figured it out. I'm planning on making an amigurumi and fashioning some sort of crocodile stitch dress for her...