Thursday, 5 September 2013

Recent Makes ~ Socks, Cushion and Octopus'

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I made myself some 'in the house' socks because of a wondering about whether socks without heels are comfy or not. These are pretty comfy.


I knitted us a cushion (shockingly it's the only one on our sofa) with some yarn I'd bought online before christmas for an order that never happened because the yarn people were crap at actually sending out yarn. It's not the neatest cushion in the world but I'm quite fond of it.


Some new amigurumi octopus' in The Craft Room.

Now to get started on all the things I want to get done for Clutter City. My studio floor is already getting pretty covered with stock so I can see what I don't have and what I need to make, I should probably do something about that...

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