Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Meadow ~ Summer to Autumn


After giving myself a bit of a talking to I've started some new amigurumi work that is turning out quite well, have been (mostly) better at my 365 project and also I went for a walk in the meadow to see how it's doing at this inbetween seasons phase and also so I could take some lovely pictures. It's quite weird over there at the moment, most of the summery flowers are gone but it doesn't quite look like autumn, kind of bare but very green. I can't wait for all the trees over there to start changing, it'll look amazing.

Untitled Untitled

Having someone describe that they found a piece of hedgehog skin that wasn't part of a carcass, just a strip of skin that looked like it had been peeled from the hedgehog like an orange is not only a delight but is apparently completely accurate.

Untitled Untitled

I haven't seen a rainbow in ages so I was pretty pleased by this, and we didn't even get rained on despite the look of that sky.

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Then on the way home we met two cats. The first cat looked like it had found the best piece of wall ever to smoosh it's bum up against and it really didn't want to move but would if we got too close so I held back urges to try and befriend it and left him to his sunny bricks. The second cat is new to our street as far as we can tell and has up until now been really nervous and would run away but we made friends this time, it was pretty awesome. Are there any cats that don't enjoy an ear scratch?

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